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 For me, I was running my own house pressure washing business here in Latham, NY.  It was a pretty good job: working for myself, meeting nice people, and seeing the immediate payoff of hard work when the house was complete.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad place to be five years ago.
     More recently, I heard a pastor ask his audience if they have changed over the past TEN years.  Of course they have, they affirmed.
Hey! Me too!
     When I started with Impact in July of 2010, it was a scary thing!  Campus ministry?  Sure, I was a missionary prior, but that job description was solid. “Gut Out Houses”.  Done.  Starting to work with Impact was a wide open door.  There is no specific way of doing things.  Pursue God.  Model what God is teaching you.  Teach others to do the same.

Our Mission is to Pursue Model and Teach

     Those first couple of years were dicey to say the least!  But after much prayer and focus, the weekly fellowship meetings started to grow.  We had regulars starting to ask about a retreat, so in 2012, we started having retreats twice a year.  The next group of students who were being raised up to lead asked about a mission trip.  In Spring 2014, we started a yearly mission trip to go along with existing service projects.
     Have you seen those people who spin dishes on poles (watch that video, it is good.  Too relate-able!)?  Like at the fair, or Epcot?  This is my best way of explaining these amazing 5 years.  Who starts with 7 dishes?  I’d have to focus on just figuring out how one works!  Once that was figured out, I could add a new spinning dish.  Maybe a third one.  One on one discipleship?  Sure, a fourth dish!
If I was told in 2010 that in 5 years, I’d be the lead campus minister of a group that I attended four years ago at my Alma Mater, teaching weekly, leading retreats, running mission trips, leading students one on one in discipleship, being the guest pastor at churches, and all while teaching students to do the same, I would not have believed it.  It would have been one of those pie in the sky dreams.
That is where I am after five years.
What could the next 5 years with Impact look like?Everyone who stays to clean up gets to be in the final selfie! #SpringReadingDayParty

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