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     Yesterday was our first meeting of the school year!  What at first meeting it was!  Our planned lesson spoke about giving to God what is God’s.  If Caesar’s belongings are his because his image is on it, then we are God’s because we are made in His image!  “Will you give yourself to God this semester for His purpose?”

Even better was the unplanned lesson that God had for us!

It started in the God Watch part of our meeting.  What’s a God Watch?  It is a time to share how you see God moving in your life.  It can be answered prayer, and incident that only God can do. It can be seeing God’s perfect timing or seeing how God has lined things up in your life!
Shelly, our new President of Impact at UAlbany, shared how she had said something hurtful to someone 2-3 years ago and it has been on her heart to make amends with them.  The temptation to send a Facebook message was there, but she wanted to speak face to face.  Yesterday, they crossed paths.  The other girl tried to cover her face and remain hidden in the crowd, but Shelly saw her and made the effort to speak with her.  Small talk ensued, and Shelly brought it around to apologizing for her words, and that she never meant it in a way that would hurt like it did.  Her friend had been carrying this hurt for years, and through seeking forgiveness, the burden was lifted from both Shelly and her friend.
This God watch of saying how God lined this up to happen and that Shelly’s heart was ready to apologize and this person was there to accept it opened up another person to talk about a relationship they reconciled.
And another.

And another.

The theme of broken relationships came up.

Something we can all relate to.  There always seems like there will be more time to fix a relationship.  There is always tomorrow or next week, or next time, or year.  What was shared, was that there isn’t always tomorrow.  People move out of our lives and the chance is gone.  People pass away and we are left with a sadness that we never repaired that relationship or built it to what we thought it should be.  It was a great night and an unexpected lesson.  In a group where most people don’t know each other, these people were opening up faults and being honest and sharing what forgiveness really looks like in their lives.
It was a good day to be on campus!

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Seeds of Power

Grace and peace,

today we are going over Matthew 17,

here is a link to it on biblegateway.com.

I am reading a book called “Lectures to my Students” by Charles Spurgeon.  Early in the book Spurgeon starts to talk about prayer and how important it is to ministry.  One of the things he talks about is our role in ministry and God’s role in ministry.  How conceited we must be, he says, to think that our preaching or our eloquence is what wins souls and moves hearts.  It is our job to go out and tell people about the Gospel but it isn’t our job to change hearts.  That is what God does.  It is our job to go to God in prayer and intercede for the people to whom we are speaking.  Seeking God first and asking Him to go before us to prepare the harvest frees us from worry about being good enough because it isn’t us speaking but instead God moving.

Matthew 17 has a story about a demon possessed boy.  In v15-16, the boy’s father brings him to Jesus to be healed:

” “Lord, have mercy on my son,” he said. “He has seizures and is suffering greatly. He often falls into the fire or into the water.  I brought him to your disciples, but they could not heal him.”

Previously, Jesus had sent out the disciples in chapter 10 of Matthew.  The disciples healed all types of illnesses and casted out demons.

When they first went out, they had their instructions from Jesus.  The first person they went to, I’m sure they relied on the authority of Jesus to heal them AND IT WORKED!

The same with the next person and the next person.

A person possessed with an evil spirit comes and through the authority of Jesus it was driven out!

How long they healed and casted out demons, I don’t know, but do you think it would be safe to say it became formulaic for them?

If you do something like put on an event or party and it is successful the first time, it seems that logic would indicate that you should follow that same pattern because it worked before.

The first time they might have said “By the authority of Jesus, you are healed” and it worked.

Maybe they said that every time.

Maybe they began to see these healings as something they are doing by saying their coined phrase.

Once we begin to see the power of Jesus in someone’s life as us changing that person, we will begin to rely on our own power, which is little, instead of the power and majesty of God.

Maybe their phrase began to not work and they started to lose faith because what they said didn’t work.

When I’m not the one doing the work, but instead I am bring the work to Jesus, the power of God is evident.

This next line is a great lesson in this verse.

The person healed wasn’t the man who pleaded with Jesus, but the person who was pleaded for.

Take the example of this man who approaches Jesus.  He seeks Jesus to intercede for others.  This is an example we should apply to our own lives.

We shouldn’t think that it is you or I who have the power to change people, it is the workings of the Creator.

We should be seeking His Will and asking Him to Move in the lives of the people He and we love.


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