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Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 1.32.52 PMGod is good!  I spoke with a guy named Shaul, a volunteer that works with me at UAlbany, and he said that God was giving him the idea that whatever will happen this semester will be done by the STUDENTS, not by us.  We will be there to help and direct, but they will step up!  Two Days before, I received a text from Kevin, one of our student leaders, telling me that God has been teaching him and pressing something on his heart that he wants to share with the group!  Immediately you can see part of God’s plan coming together!

He led us through Ephesians 5 on the tough topic of relationships, “wives, submit to your husbands…”


He spoke for around 35 minutes and covered not only the wives submitting part, but went on to talk about the rest of the chapter where it points out the job of the husband!  The husband should live as Christ lived and when he does that, submitting shouldn’t be a problem!  It was inspiring to see one of our students wanting to teach the whole group!

That was just the beginning!

Kevin also wanted Impact to hold extra Bible studies over Lent.  So this past weekend, he started a men’s study digging into James.  Sarah and Liza also stepped up to lead a women’s Bible study!  It is exciting that only 3 weeks into the semester the students are taking control and becoming workers of this plentiful harvest at UAlbany!

It is exciting to see what else this semester will bring!


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